Targetted Mobility Program

At AR Fitness, We get people moving. Whether you’re a beginner or have been hitting the weights for years, our programs will help. We'll improve your mobility, range of movement and strength. 


Idea of the program

Normally i like to play and explore and try different movements and displines, but when you’ve got serious training goals, it makes sense to focus your efforts on a regimented routine.
The main idea of the program is results, hard tangable results, we will be a group of 5-6 people, working on improving functional mobility, the mobility that help us improve other movements, its not just about being able to split or bridges, but to be active and use strength in the new ranges of motion acquired.


Program Details

  • Its a 6 week Program
  • We will meet 6 times and each session will be 2-3 hours
    • Session 1 in week 1, assessment and introducing the exercises, making sure you know the muscles that must be activated and worked on and you will recieve your program.
    • Session 2 in week 2, assessment and tweaking  and changes to the program if required.
    • Session 3-4 in week 4, individuals the programming.
    • Session 5 in week 5, train togther and answer any questions.
    • Session 6 in week 6, final session, you will know how to work on your own at this moment.
  • There will be a Whatsapp group for reference, communication, followup, feedback and progressive programming
  • The program you will recieve after the first session is very simple to follow, that will include
    • list of exercises with specific sets and reps and tempos specified
    • all you have to do is complete the session which will be 30-45 mins 
    • take videos of each exercise and send me for evaluation and feedback
    • you will need to work on 1 extra sessions per week on your own
  • you will recieve instructional videos from me on how to do the exercises required
  • We will be working mainly towards (Squat, Pancakes, Front splits and Bridges) in a safe way.
  • we will be doing movements with new range of motions.
  • Sessions will be in TFW Training for Warriors Bahrain in Budiaya, sessions will be either fridays or saturdays, or if the team agree on a specific date if necessary

Final word

This program can only be successful if we work togther and make it happen, i will make sure you have all the knowledge and tools, and a very clear list of exercises to be done for every session and all you have to do is do the exercises, send me the videos and tell me what changes are going on in your body.

I am very excited to see reults and help you improve your mobility, if you are excited and ready to start, click on the link and register.