Personal/Online Training

Every person is different and has unique fitness needs and methods. In personal/online training I build specialised and fully focused programs customised to achieve your goals with immediate assistance, adjustment and consultancy along the way. Utilising the right equipment and motivation that works for you along with individualized progressions will lead to results, programs that cover (skills, strength, mobility / flexibility and motor control )

OK how does it work

We have a general meeting where we get to know each other and our expectations from there we decide on an assessment session, where i will ask you to take videos of certain exercises for me to know 

Whats included in the coaching

  • First assessment session 
  • Customised workout program (updated / modified as needed)
  • Constant communication & feedback
  • Video for Exercises 
  • Consultations when ever necessary (video chat / e-mail / phone calls)
  • personal sessions in a gym


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