How i train

I value health, longevity, Functional Training, becoming practical mover, having healthy joints, being strong , flexible and in control of my movement, doing body weight skills to challenge myself and nervous system control, having fun.

I know that not all people have 4 hours a day to train, or perhaps they have many more important things to do around, could be work related, family related or just or responsibilities or commitments in life, yet at the same time they would like to workout because they know its important, they want to build strength, be flexible, move better and have better control on their body. 

How about if i say that i kind of have the same challenges in life, i am a 35 years old, work in a full time job as a (Solution Developer / Data Analyst) and a father of 2 and have few other commitments and house responsibilities, at the same time  i like to move and do all kind of body weight skills and stay strong, active and healthy, play and have fun.

That's why i like to keep my workouts mindful, short , simple and effective, that can be done at home playing with kids, or at park with friends, i don’t have all day to workout to learn a specific skill, and i know that there is no short-cut to being strong and better mover, its handwork and requires focus, which makes it challenging on making a good efficient program, that focused on strength, flexibility and body movement control.

Currently i am the only GMB trainer in Middle east,

Training and Teaching is part of my personality, i like to teach and share knowledge with what i know, and have conducted many hours in teaching classes and personal training.