GMB Classes

 ( At Reza Martial Arts )

Group classes are a great way to build strength, learn new skills, and increase flexibility, all while having fun and staying injury free. 

They provide all the benefits of GMB training programs packaged with the inspiration, fun, and accountability that come with group training, training include (Hand balancing, Tumbling, Rings, Movement & Flexibility, Strength & Conditioning, Locomotion, etc..)

Classes Provided:
Foundation – focus on the basics, increase strength levels and prepare for advanced movements
Strength & Skills – reach new levels of strength and skill
Flexibility – move freely and avoid injury

All classes can be tailored to individuals of all levels to create a uniquely beneficial experience for all in attendance. By limiting class size to only 10-12 students we keep it focused and have quality coaching.

Timing:  (Sat - Mon - Wed) from 6:15 pm to 7:15 pm


No of ClassesDurationPrice (BD)
12 1 Month 65