About me

I started my passion in sport and movement at a very young age, started with martial arts and gymnastics. which gave me a strong base, i always enjoyed watching martial art movies and try things out.

Continuing with my training, i got my knee twisted pretty badly which damaged my ACL and cartilage in one of the martial art classes, i was a 15 years old at that time and didn’t know how to explain it to others, my parents and coach thought it was one of the normal injuries that happen to me playing martial arts and gymnastics all these years, so i stayed on a damaged knee for about 3 years, which has effected me very badly, because every time i play the knee betray me and turned out and i fall down feeling dizzy.

slowly slowly fear of movement crawled into my heart, i even started to fear watching martial art or action movies, and any thing violent, it really changed me..

this injury had strong effect on me, and i felt so depressed after the surgery.

but after going through the physiotherapy and strengthening program i got back into playing football only for about 10 years i stopped all kind of movement and proper workout, went on and off into normal gyms but nothing serious..

It was more to do with the psychology and getting over fear, that helped me decided and go back into martial arts and gymnastics again. i only got back serious in 2011 after i had another injury in my hip and had to do a surgery. this is when i felt i am very weak and need to take action..

my target was strength and only strength.

and just like many, i thought that the only way was the gym and bodybuilding programs, i went on reading and doing bodybuilding 2 years and i felt like i am heavier, unable to move better and that there is something wrong going on .. i felt its not normal and not natural to eat all those supplements and to grow heavy, my body just resist that. and the most funny of all is i used to go to the gym instead of playing with my kids, and when am back, i can’t even lift or play with them because i am completely exhausted and more of all it didn’t improve my movement, gymnastics or football.

i always felt i am closer to moving freely, thumbling gymnastics, running, playing, doing all kind of body weight skills like i used to when i was a kid, until i came across some calisthenics and parkour guys and started doing that and i am still doing it..

It felt great and free, made me stronger and better mover no doubt, only later i felt i am missing something, doing lots of calisthenics in an unmindful way  puts a lot of stress on the joints, i had some bad injuries in my elbow and shoulders.. 

This is when i started to research more on how to make a proper program, balanced maintainable and treats the body with harmony.. not just push it blindly.

Went to Many Courses, workshops and Seminars by highly rated trainers around the world ( Steve maxwell, Ido Portal, GMB, Einar Svindland, etc)

Got certified as a Personal Trainer, Kettle Bell and Strength,

This has helped in better knowledge and experience and made me more mindful in the way i train and plan my workout programs.

I also decided to move forward with GMB and their programming method because it resonated very much with me and they way i think, move and workout, which led me to start the intensive GMB Trainers Program… and its the right place to invest my time in.

No am back doing bodyweight, gymnastics, Brazilian Jiujitsu and any kind of exercise and sport i feel like.