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A Simplistic approach to improving mobility, getting stronger and moving better .

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Programs & Services

At AR Fitness, We get people moving. Whether you’re a beginner or have been hitting the weights for years, our programs will help. We'll improve your mobility, range of movement and strength. 

About me

Being introduced to sports at an early age gave me good opportunity to try different disciplines (martial arts, gymnastics, body-building, calisthenics, kettle-bell, etc.) Having few injuries along the way made me wiser and more knowledgeable.

I am very passionate about my training and in helping my students achieve their physical ability goals. Over the past few years I have invested more time in learning and developing as a professional. I have been to many courses and workshops led by leading coaches. to learn more and be able to add more value to my students.

Training Method

I value health and longevity over all. Ability to move with control and have a great time along the way is also important. I know that people are busy in life and want to stay healthy, train to be strong, and move better. I experience the same challenges. I am 38 years old, work a full time job, and am father of 2. I have few other commitments, at the same time I like to move, play, try body-weight skills, and stay strong, active and healthy.

 This is why I like to keep my workouts mindful, simple and effective. They can be done at home while playing with kids, at park with friends, at the gym (with or without equipment). I do whatever is necessary to reach my target and build the strength needed.

 Training and teaching is part of my personality. I like to teach and share knowledge and have conducted many hours in teaching classes and personal training.



Thank you, Ammar Rajab for a great workshop! It was friendly, personal, safe, well explained and joyfull as we reached our targets. I am looking forward to the next one!
— Olga Garland, joined hand balancing workshop
Thank you Ammar for the amazing 6 week!, I am forever grateful for everything we’ve learned
— Ranya , joined the 6 week mobility program
Totally converted now? I love what you guys do! Thank you @ar_fitness_bh for teaching us to explore our endless motion possibilities! I am ready for more!
— Marleni Flores Hill, Yoga teacher


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